Thursday, February 21, 2013

Barn Weddings: Decor Inspiration

Barns make an incredibly unique and cozy atmosphere for weddings.  Even if you're not into the country-chicness that is cowboy boots and hats, these venues offer a surprisingly versatile array of decorating options.

One of the big trends in barn wedding decor is string lights.  Because barns typically provide less-than-ideal lighting, string lights have become a trend in creating a cozy ambiance.  Candles, too, help warm up the lighting but, as always, you must be careful with them.

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Another option for lighting your barn venue is chandeliers.  The rustic feel of the barn juxtaposed against the formality of the chandeliers creates a visually stimulating overhead.  Look for chandeliers with a vintage or antique feel and they won't feel so out of place.

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Photo source
Chalk boards lend a handmade feel to the space as well.  From the plans for the day to menu options, there are many ways to utilize chalk boards for a barn wedding.

For more ideas, mosey on over to and have yourself a look-see at 10 decorating options for barn weddings.

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