Monday, January 7, 2013

Antique Shutters as Interior Decorations

It is sometimes difficult to take something we see everyday in one application and re-imagine it as something else.  Check out these great creative ways to incorporate them into your living spaces.

Shutter Wall

Olive and Love's Shutter Wall
Dining Room Shutters

Shutter Ceiling

Ella Dining Room & Bar

Shutter Headboard

Tutorial via HGTV

Shutter Table

Tutorial via HGTV

Chalkboard Shutter Menu Sign

Menu Sign

Shutter Side Table

Tutorial via Good Housekeeping

Shutter Shelf

Tutorial via Serendipity Chic Design
Shutter Shelf via BHG

Photo & Card Holder

Shutter Wall Art at BHG

Room Divider

How-To at ideasmag

Kitchen Organizer

via ideasmag

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  1. Love it! the shutter wall is exactly what I was talking about for the home show. So awesome!

  2. The shutter ceiling is the most creative and definitely most interesting custom blinds or shutter decoration that I've seen in my life. It really made the whole room lively and really edgy.

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